Remote Drum Recording Service

With over two decades of studio recording and production experience I'm now offering a Remote Drum and Percussion Recording Service from my own studio. The beauty of working from my own studio is the access I have to my vast selection of modern and vintage drums in all sizes, Over 50 cymbals and my collection of classic snare drums!

Studio equipment includes mics by, Akg, Shure, Coles, Senheiser, Rode EV and Solomon and mic pres by UAD, Neve, Api and AEA

" I've used Mark on numerous occasions now, and everytime the performance has been spot on and the recording has had the perfect balance of quality and vibe."

Holley Gray, Composer


If you're a band, songwriter or producer in need of studio-quality acoustic drum tracks to elevate your music to a professional standard without breaking the bank, then remote drum recording is the way to go.

Save time and money without compromising on quality by using a remote recording drummer. 

Just send your song via email without drums, including any Ideas you want to hear and I'll create your custom drum tracks and forward the stems in WAV format as soon as payment is received.

If you would like to get me on one of your tracks, Just send an email via the contact section at the top of this page.