Sep 2022

So this is my first news update in 2 years!! The world has been a crazy place and work has been quite a different task compared to what we used to call the norm. Since I set my own studio up at my new house recording sessions have been in full flow. I must say I'm really please with the sounds I have been getting and these can be heard on Avoidance, a new comedy series for BBC1 as well as the new Tiny Flaws, Soul Dogs and Wonder 45 albums. I'm also featuring on many other singles and film cues, playing  both drums and percussion recorded at my place.

Live shows have also come back in full force!! in the last 12 months I have toured in Estonia, Switzerland and Spain as well as all corners of the UK. I'm sill in the hot seat with Simply Dan playing the music of Steely Dan and the shows are going from strength to strength in size and stature. As you can imagine there is some pretty big shoes to fill in the drummers that have recorded this music. Every show is a joy to play !!