Jan 2020

So here we are 2020!! Its amazing how time flies when your having fun. There are plenty of fun things on the horizon with Simply Dan, along with plenty of tour dates with Pama International. 2019 saw 2 album releases for Pama under the name of Stop The war On The Poor and Part 2. These were recorded in a traditional sense to tape!! Make sure you keep an eye on the gig listing to get to a live show.

I had the please of being back in the hot seat with Rhoda Dakar for a show at the Madness House of Fun Weekend in early Dec 2019. Its always good to catchup with the Rhoda and the guys. I've not played with Rhoda much this year as she has been on the road as a special guest on the Selector world tour.

J6 will be back out on the road with a new updated version of the music of Otis Redding show. The diary is already looking busy and I'm try my hardest to cram all there shows in as the diary is looking very full this year.

As for gear, I have really been diggin the sounds coming from my vintage club date kit. Man its so warm!

Onwards and upwards in 2020!!