The Getup

 Take The Cake Album 

Straight from the hob Album

Life at Cafe Eric Album

Getup and groove Ep

Get lucky Single

 Gold Digger Single

Take You Down Single

Sugar Mama Single 

Bungels Twanger Single

What if Single


smells like 66 Album

At the jazz Traffic lights Album

Done and dusted Album

Cake Shop Single

long gone John Single

Due bottoni Single

El Escondido Single

Geno Single

Honey Bay Single

Back on the scene Ep

The Pressure Cooker 

The Pressure Cooker Album

Gizelle Smith 

Ruthless Day Album

Jonny Single

The King Rooster 

The King Rooster Album

Fat Chance Single

Do what you like  single

Ain’t got time for that  Single

Charisma Cafe 2017 EP,

Hot Potato 2017, Single

Mudslinger Single

You Got Me Spinning Single

Dirty States Of Mind Single

DB Cohen 

Find a way 2018 Single

The Boondock Hippy

Dear Sir Arise 2018  

Way to go Single

Rhoda Dakar 

Rhoda Dakar sings The Bodysnatchers, Album

Rhoda Dakar lo Tek 4 vol 1 Ep, 2017

Rhoda Dakar lo Tek 4 vol 2 Ep 2018

Hakan Tuna

Karanlikta Gunes Album

Love Single

Pressure 75

Pressure 75, Album

Paprika Soul 

Into the light, Album

Liberty X 

Song for lovers Single

Emma Wilkinson 

Son of A Preacher Man, Album

Ed Meme 

Yes I Will Single

Golden years Single


Peace Boy Single

You Do You

Paolo Negri 

A bigger picture Album

The Fantastics 

All the people Album

Somewhere Finally Single

Pama international

Stop the war on the poor Album

Part 2 Album

Satisfaction Single

The Dustaphonics

De puta madre EP

Tiny Flaws 

Tiny Flaws Album

Imperfection Blues

The Honneyshotz 

EP One